You have so much love, wisdom and advice for your children and grand children. You probably want to make sure your grandchildren have the world- but how to go about giving that to them? Consider these suggestions.
  • As a grandparent, you are fully able to add to, or start your own educational savings plan per child, which will grow tax sheltered until the child decides to pursue post-secondary education. An extra bonus? In a family plan, you can name one or more children as beneficiaries of the RESP.
  • Nobody likes to think about the day they’ll no longer be around, but if you don’t have it already, consider life insurance. By adding your newest family members as beneficiaries you’ll also have the great feeling of knowing that the assets you’ll be leaving behind to your loved ones will help them have a better life, all because of you!
  • At this time of life, grandparents often think about leaving an inheritance. With proper planning you can minimize taxes, maximize the inheritance and this is where our advisers can help.
  • If you have considerable investment assets, an option to consider is segregated funds. They offer a fast, private, and direct way to pass your investments to family and other beneficiaries, bypassing delays and the costs of probate and estate fees

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